The Eudaemonia Machine

The presentation is on an approach to workplace called the EUDAEMONIA MACHINE. The term Eudaemonia is the ancient Greek concept of the highest state of human flourishing, described in detail by Aristotle. In modern times, we think about this as being in the "groove" or "flow state." What if your workplace was a place where you went and experience this deep state of flourishing every time you came to work? This talk walks through a series of historical case studies of workplaces that have generated tremendous amounts of flow (Bell Labs, Pixar's HQ, Southpark Studios, The Motley Fool, etc). With that foundation, we walk through the core diagram that sets the mind up for experiencing flow and map that onto a generic floor plan. Then we look at a real example of original design work, and describe the capabilities and measurement strategies for ensuring success.

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