Office 2030: drive with AI, sustainability and wellbeing

What will the office look like in 2030? As we navigate profound evolutions in the workforce and the continuation of hybrid working, understanding and anticipating the changes that will determine the future of work places and spaces becomes critical. Sustainability and circularity will be built into all design systems and products and the lifestyle shifts that come with climate change will need to be taken into consideration. A new generation will enter the workforce: Alphas, who will bring their digital outlook and values that will shake up expectations in the workplace around inclusivity, flexibility and, of course, sustainability. Technology will be permeating every aspect of everyday work, and AI will likely be a colleague alongside being a tool. Join us as we analyse and discuss these drivers of change, empowering you to proactively take action ahead of this near future landscape to define the spaces, the products and the services that will be pivotal to the workforce of 2030.

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