Mass Timber, Low Carbon and Authentic Interiors

As our industry is responding to the dire need to reduce our carbon footprint, we are seeing a rise in the transformative approach of using Mass Timber and other Low Carbon material construction in different building typologies such hospitality, office, residential, schools, health care facilities and laboratories. The benefits of Mass Timber lie greatly in its authentic self - from it being a renewable resource to carbon sequestering to its natural inherent beauty. The interiors of Mass Timber spaces should also be designed on the principles of health, honesty and authenticity. In this program we will explore the nuances and considerations of Mass Timber construction specific to: - Air quality, acoustics, natural light, ergonomic design and biophilia - Transparent sourcing practices; ensuring that every element in the space is ethically and sustainably produced. - How Authenticity is woven into the fabric of our interiors, celebrating the natural beauty of materials and embracing a design philosophy that resonates with the inherent character of the space. Several HDR projects will be used as case-studies to demonstrate how Mass Timber interiors can be a testament to the seamless integration of aesthetics and sustainability. We will identify valuable take-aways/lessons-learned, new hierarchies in working within exposed structure and creative solutions. We will also explore how to design for Low-Carbon Interiors and quantifying carbon impact through LCA's. In summary, by combining the strength of Mass Timber with a commitment to healthy and honest interiors, we shape spaces that not only stand tall in structural excellence but also nurture the well-being of those who inhabit them. Join us in building a future where architecture harmonizes with nature and fosters a genuine sense of vitality.


Interior Design Principal

HDR Architecture

Susan is an award-winning and accomplished design professional with over 20 years’ focused in commercial interiors. Leading design in primarily health and workplace interior environments, Susan's passion is creating spaces and experiences that are restorative, sustainable and contribute to overall occupant well-being. Her interior environments are motivated by the process of discovery, distilling and defining using evidence-based design and concepts of sensory design. Susan also volunteers her time with organizations such IIDA, LA Business Council and Children’s Institute.

Thomas Knittel, AIA, LEED AP, NCARB

Director of Sustainability & Design Principal

HDR Architecture

Tom is an architect, HDR’s Design Director for Sustainability, and a Design Principal in the Los Angeles studio. He actively leads the design direction of projects and the advancement of low-carbon solutions that restore ecological and human health and wellbeing. His current mass timber projects use HDR’s carbon-balancing methodology, targeting net-zero emitted carbon on day-one for structure, core, and shell. His past projects range from the first LEED Platinum net-zero building in the developing world, the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED Platinum Children’s Center in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, to the largest LEED Platinum campus in the middle east in 2018. Tom received a master’s degree from the Harvard Graduate School of Design and is a recipient of over 30 design awards. He is a frequent lecturer on mass timber, design innovation, and the ecologies of place.

Danielle Masucci, IIDA, NCIDQ

Director of Workplace Design

HDR Architecture

As the director of HDR's workplace design practice, Danielle plays a pivotal role in shaping workplace experiences that span all industries. Drawing on more than two decades of experience and a diverse portfolio, Danielle has a deep understanding of workplace strategy and solutions to tackle organizations' most pressing challenges. Working across all project typologies, Danielle has an innate ability to translate design concepts into tangible, functional spaces. Danielle leverages her skills to recruit new talent and build a global team of industry experts. Her team provides excellence in workplace strategy, planning, analysis, design and research to deliver quality design solutions for our clients. Danielle is committed to building a strong culture that honors inspiration, investigation, and innovation. Her passion for design drives her projects to maximize creativity and innovation while being sensitive to clients’ needs, goals and budget.


Project Principal

HDR Architecture

Susan is an Architect + Principal with HDR. An award-winning architect with over 30 years of experience her passion is high quality design and detailing. Her career has touched all building types and sizes with a focus on Education + Science. She has a proven ability to deliver complex projects on budget and schedule, which she achieves through effective leadership and teamwork. Susan has been working on a number of projects over the past 5 years through Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) where she believes architects can return to the role of Master Builder. The collaboration that IPD brings between the designers, builder, and client allows creativity and innovation to flourish where amazing ideas comes from unexpected places. Susan has recently completed 3 buildings with 100% Mass Timber Structures that has allowed her to gain extensive knowledge on how timber changes the design and delivery process. Susan embraces knowledge and the challenges every project brings.

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