Fire below, Sun and Stars above: Biophilic Lighting

From fire to candles, gas lanterns, and the first electric light bulb in 1879, humans have evolved around warm wavelengths of light. Our bodies are accustomed to the positions of our natural light sources, like fire on the ground or daylight high in the sky during midday. The invention of the fluorescent lamp however, made cooler and brighter light sources available from above throughout the nighttime environment. Fluorescent lighting allowed humans to work late into the night which disrupted sleep patterns, and therefore interfered with our bodies biological recovery time. Understanding human development in the context of our natural environment is the heart of biophilic design. This discussion will inspire shaping our environment around our biological needs, utilizing electric and smart lighting for biophilic designs, and fostering well-being while deepening our connection with nature.

Lauren Schwade, LC, EDAC, IALD, IES

Senior Associate/ Healthcare Lighting Lead


Lauren is Mazzetti’s healthcare lighting expert, with more than 18 years of experience and a portfolio filled with notable clients and facilities such as MD Anderson and MSK. With a specialty in healthcare and integrated design, she is committed to delivering lighting design solutions that ensure an environment fully conducive to health, wellness, and healing. Lauren is actively involved in advancing her industry. She sits on the IES Healthcare Committee, is an active member for her local AMFP group and is an affiliate member of the Center for Health Design. She is truly passionate with her work and always looking to the latest research as her guiding principles.

Nicole Craanen, MFA, NCIDQ, WELL-AP, LEED Green Associate, ANFT


The Biophilic Design Institute

Nicole Craanen is an internationally recognized interior designer and environmental advocate with a Master's in Human Ecology, pioneering sustainable and regenerative design approaches through consultancy, global speaking engagements, and her Biophilic Design Professional Certification program. As the founder and owner of The Biophilic Design Institute, and as a trained yoga teacher and Nature & Forest Therapy Guide, she explores the intersection of human well-being and ecological balance.

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