Extended Reality's Immersive Design Evolution

In this session, our presenter guides industry professionals in the evolution of interactive metaverse experiences over the last decade, emphasizing implementation, innovation, outcomes, and best practices. Attendees will grasp the importance of design in Extended Reality (XR), discovering its profound impact on user engagement. The session explores virtual space design, drawing distinctions and comparisons with real space design to offer a comprehensive understanding. It delves into contemporary trends and advancements in Extended Reality technology, providing participants with insights into the evolving landscape. Join us for a dynamic exploration that equips professionals with actionable knowledge to navigate the ever-changing realm of immersive possibilities. Learn how to incorporate this knowledge into project work and client interactions, helping your clients fully comprehend XR's connection to human experience.

Guy Messick, AIA

Senior Director, Digital Technologies

IA Interior Architects

IA’s Senior Director, Design Technologies and Principal Guy Messick has over 30 years of experience as an architect, technologist, and thought leader. Focused on understanding the connections between design and emerging technologies, he guides IA’s adoption and use of innovative technologies across the firm and with clients. As such, Guy is pioneering IA’s Techni and IAXR service lines, embracing the metaverse and developing bespoke, branded experiences for companies within Extended Reality. His expertise also spans into BIM data mining and knowledge management, smart building and energy analysis toolsets, digital space planning, business intelligence dashboards, 3D laser scanning, and advanced virtualizations.

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