Elevating Sustainability in Procurement

Join kimiko green's Dianne Kimiko Murata and mindful MATERIALs' Laurel Christensen Chadzynski to explore innovative ways to leverage your specifying power and drive positive change in sustainable procurement. Learn how to contribute to a consistent aligned 'ask' from the industry, encouraging manufacturers to make greater investments in sustainability. Discover the art of formulating clear and impactful questions about product certifications, allowing you to filter out greenwashing and make informed choices easily. We will also delve into the realm of cross-industry knowledge transfer, examining lessons learned from other sectors and applying them to the world of furniture, Request for Proposals (RFPs), and procurement guides. Gain valuable insights into adapting successful strategies from various industries to enhance sustainability practices in your procurement processes. Additionally, the presentation will illuminate the practical application of mindful MATERIALS' Common Materials Framework. Learn how to evaluate materials' lifecycle impacts holistically, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their environmental footprint. Join us on this journey towards more sustainable and responsible procurement practices that positively impact your organization and the planet.

Dianne Murata

Founding Principal

kimiko designs

Dianne Murata is the founding principal of kimiko designs, a team of furniture planning, specification and technology experts specializing in commercial furniture projects. A graduate of the University of Manitoba, Dianne has led kimiko as an industry innovator and visionary builder of exceptional teams since 1999. Her passions are keeping used office furniture out of the landfill and rescuing pups from the puppy-mill.

Laurel Chądzyński, AIA, WELL AP

VP of Engagement


Laurel Christensen, AIA, WELL AP serves as Mindful MATERIALS VP of Engagement, where she focuses on building industry partnerships with stakeholders across the built environment. These relationships help expand industry education and build alignment around the Common Materials Framework, an emerging common language for evaluating materials’ sustainability. Her dual role as both VP of Engagement for mindful Materials and as a practicing Architect and Sustainable Design Leader at Dyer Brown Associates, and past experience as a manufacturer’s rep, make her uniquely positioned to understand and communicate the value that the Common Materials Framework brings to the industry.

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