Designing Tomorrow: Workplace Evolution at Intuit's HQ Campus

The presentation explores the story behind the software company Intuit's newly completed ground-up office building. The project serves as an expansion of their Mountain View Headquarters, and a progressive expression of the future of workplace design. Led by Steven McCollom, Global Design Lead with Intuit and Caroline Morris, Associate Principal with Clive Wilkinson Architects, this presentation unveils the dynamic process of being confronted with the COVID-19 pandemic mid-construction and rapidly embracing a new workplace strategy and design to address the emerging needs of a hybrid workforce.

Discover how the design team reimagined the use of the office during the pandemic - learn the questions asked, key considerations, challenges and design outcomes. We'll delve into how the design meets not just today's needs but tomorrows as well, all the while fostering collaboration, creating a sense of belonging and a physical representation of the culture and values of Intuit. We will explore the strategic choices emphasizing mental and physical well-being, showcasing Intuit's dedication to an inclusive workspace for all, and what that means post-pandemic.

Join us for a candid exploration of the considerations that led to reimagining the office for new ways of working. We'll highlight practical aspects of the new workplace strategy - including new space types explored, flexible design principles, and insights into future-ready workplaces. Our goal is to contribute fresh perspectives into the evolving landscape of workplace design, grounded in real-time challenges and solutions.

*In-person sessions will be recorded and available on-demand starting Monday, June 17.

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