Designing the Future: Where Neuroscience Meets Sustainability

How do we design a regenerative work environment that nurtures both people and the planet?

The Arup Warsaw Office Project, led by Dominika Zielinska, with support from Igor Lysiuk in communication and facilitation of the interdisciplinary team, provides a compelling answer.
In our endeavor to transform the office environment, we embarked on a journey marked by co-creation. This process not only challenged conventional design boundaries but also gained recognition, including the 2023 FRAME Awards.

Lindsay Roth, Design Director at Gensler and a FRAME Award jury member, commended the project, stating, "This project is an amazing and extensive showcase and demonstration to all of us in the industry, where we need to take our work and how."

Our mission is focused on sculpting a future where the wellbeing of our planet and its people are seamlessly integrated. Therefore at the core of the project is a commitment to neuroscientific guidelines, developed by Natalia Olszewska and the Impronta team. This research has informed the creation of spaces designed to foster restoration and mental well-being. Emphasizing circular economy principles, over 90% of the furniture used is second-hand. The incorporation of prototype solutions and natural materials like mycelium, flax, and hemp has led to considerable savings and a reduced ecological footprint. This project, realized within a conventional budget, stands as an example for the industry, showcasing that pioneering and sustainable design is achievable. Yes we can!

As we prepare to share our insights and methodologies at NeoCon 2024 and the New European Bauhaus Festival 2024, we reflect on this journey as a collective achievement of Dominika Zielinska, Malgorzata Romanowicz, Igor Lysiuk, Olga Szadkowska, Michal Pyka, Barbara Majerska, our client, and all partners.

We invite you to join us in this ongoing exploration of impactful design and innovation. Discover how neuroscience-based and sustainable practices can sculpt work environments of the future.

Dominika Zielińska

Futures Designer

Dominika Zielińska, futures designer, researcher and lifelong learner. Experienced in creating and leading interdisciplinary, award-winning teams and projects, such as the Arup Warsaw Office and . After a decade as co-CEO at Workplace studio, Dominika now fosters collaborative innovation as an independent consultant with her focus on regenerative and neuroscience based design. She believes that sharing her insights can empower others to act now and design a better future today.

Igor Łysiuk

Architect, Researcher, Curator & Educator

Igor believes in integrating user needs and scientific research with architecture. Experienced in creating award-winning designs for global clients, including Arup Warsaw Office. An empathetic listener and inquisitive interviewer weaving interdisciplinary teams in co-creative processes using effective communication. Co-creator of leading architectural initiatives in Poland, including RZUT magazine and ZODIAK Warsaw Pavilion of Architecture.

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