Design Solutions for the Workplace of Tomorrow and Beyond

Today's office has more generations under one roof than ever before, each with different working styles. It's easy to observe the individual needs of these generations and build to suit their preferences, but what's missing is consideration of the collective. Soon, the baby boomer generation will phase out of the workforce, as will the private offices that they've grown accustomed to, but right now, we're in a transitional period - one that will be a very slow burn. Which begs the question, how do you future-proof an office that will face dramatic, dynamic changes in the coming years?

This session will delve into the intricacies of crafting a future-proof office environment that seamlessly accommodates the diverse needs of various generations in the workplace - and the respective industries they're in. The emphasis will be on not just creating forward-looking spaces but also retrofitting existing ones to ensure continued relevance and adaptability in the ever-evolving landscape of work preferences.

Danijel will highlight current project examples across multiple industry types, from law firms and financial institutions to healthcare companies and retail brands, that showcase how to put these design approaches into action. This conversation will also explore the nuances of designing workplaces that go beyond aesthetics, focusing on intuitiveness, inclusivity and seamless adaptability to evolving generational boundaries and professional needs.

Ultimately, fostering an inclusive and dynamic professional ecosystem is always possible and should be prioritized, no matter the floor plan.

Danijel Pocanic

Director, Regional Design Leader

NELSON Worldwide

Danijel Pocanic is the Regional Design Leader for NELSON Worldwide’s workplace practice based in New York City. He is an expert at future-proofing and anticipating the offices of tomorrow, with a wealth of knowledge that spans the hospitality, residential, retail, and aviation sectors – all of which inform his design approach. He has a Bachelor of Arts in Interior Architecture from University of Applied Arts and Design in Belgrade, Serbia.

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