Create a Vibrant Social Media Community Through Architectural Design

Over the past three years I have developed an Instagram following of over 60,000 people. I would like to share my experience and knowledge with others who are interested in contributing to the global online architectural community. The presentation recognizes the role of social media, particularly Instagram, as a medium for architects and designers to connect with a global audience. Architectural drawing's unique ability to captivate viewers, convey design narratives, and evoke emotions is emphasized. Through intentional Instagram presence, architects can foster a vibrant community transcending geographical boundary, promoting meaningful social interaction.

Strategies for developing a thriving Instagram following are explored, emphasizing consistent posting, content creation, and community engagement. Aesthetics, composition, and storytelling are discussed as elements to capture viewers' attention and stimulate conversations.
Collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the Instagram community are also examined. The presentation highlights the integration of digital design software into the drawing process. It emphasizes how the efficiency of digital tools benefit both Instagram content creation and professional practice. Rapid content production for Instagram uses tools that also can streamline the preliminary design stages.

Real-life examples are presented illustrating successful architectural Instagram accounts and their impact on the wider architectural community. Attendees will gain insights into effective strategies, best practices, and emerging trends in architectural drawing on Instagram to cultivate a vibrant community, foster social interaction, and elevate architecture's presence in the digital realm.

Jonathan Novak, AIA

Vice President of Design

Onyx Creative

Jonathan Novak, a licensed architect and lead designer, hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba. He studied architecture and landscape architecture at the University of Manitoba before pursuing further education at The Ohio State University. Currently based in Cleveland, Ohio, Jonathan is the Vice-President of Design at Onyx Creative, a national architecture firm with offices in seven location. In his spare time, Jonathan has grown an Instagram account with almost 60,000 followers. The goal of this account is to inspire other designers while embarking on a creative journey of discovery.

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