Supportive Environments for the Aging and Visually Impaired [HSW]

This presentation will include the latest best practices and research included in the ANSI/IES RP-28 Recommended Practice: Lighting and the Visual Environment for Older Adults and the Visually Impaired as well as the IES consumer guide CG-1: Lighting Your Way to Better Vision. Attendees will be updated on current subcommittee work to clarify contrast requirements and recommendations, understand industry knowledge, review evidenced based research and the economics of low vision design. Discussion will also include an overview of the visual environment requirements spelled out in the FGI guidelines for healthcare and residential care facilities and how they impact design choices in regulated environments. Key factors impacting environmental perception will be explored following the four categories called out in Design for Sight: A programming and design guide for low vision. Using this low vision design typology we will examine existing spaces with a critical eye to see how each can be improved to address low vision design challenges, through technology and the implementation of vision friendly design practices.

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